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Palm Reading

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Our palms hold a record of our lives. Every detail of our hands reveal a different part of the story. With this we can see past life events that made us the people we are today, as well as what our future may hold. My readings were aligned to: 

- Heighten self awareness to heal past wounds and break free of subconscious patterns

-Assess changes that can be made currently for a more desired life path and future   

-Insight to your natural gifts and strengths 

This is a very comprehensive reading, providing great insight into the path your life is currently on. As we evolve, shift our mindset and habits- our life path will shift as well, because of this our palms lines change over time.   

When choosing duration:

30 minutes : Less comprehensive; good for people who just want to get their feet wet or someone who is doing a follow up reading with a question (within 40 days) 

60 minutes : Very detailed and concise. This is where we are able to dig deep! Here I will also be able to provide you with suggestions on spiritual candles, herbs, washes to further assist you and incorporate into your lifestyle  

E-mail photos of your palm at least 2 hours before your reading to

Include in photo: back and front of both hands from fingertips to wrist.

This is a LIVE virtual session