New Year, New You Set
New Year, New You Set
New Year, New You Set
New Year, New You Set
New Year, New You Set
New Year, New You Set
New Year, New You Set
New Year, New You Set

New Year, New You Set

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Keep you and your home cleansed with our Environmentally conscious clearing sticks, these work the same way as the Pali Santo / Sage most people use. However Palo Santo and Sage are both going endangered due to vast over harvesting. So we use mugwort & mint as an alternative which vibrate higher, plus with these plants you still get the cleansing and protective benefits but additionally:


  •  enhances a lucid dream state
  • promotes connection/ messages from your ancestors & spirit guides for clearer guidance 

We wrap them them in roses to bring in abundant and sweet energy back in. Whenever you cleanse your should be replacing the energy you pushed out with positive energy ***


Amplify your intentions, when applying toner think of your manifestations your affirmations coming towards you like a magnet. 

 Spritz this healing toner on your face during your morning routine and/or through out the day for its astringent properties. This toner mildly hydrates the skin and reduces the appearance of oil build up throughout the day. Minimizing pores and fights off free radicals reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The healing properties in this product is especially helpful for scarring on skin and sensitive skin providing relief to eczema and psoriasis.


Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Milk Quartz chosen at random 



choose from our selection of Flower Essences to assist you in stepping into a new paradigm decade. These powerful yet gentle flower essence will assist you in making the necessary shifts you need to be the best and next version of yourself. 

Write your choice of Flower Essence in the notes secretion :
- Calendula Flower Essence - Optimism Blend Flower Essence - Cosmo Flower Essence - Spiderwort Flower Essence - Pluto Flower Essence 

for full description of each essence please refer to its individual product page.