PURCHASE IN-IG LIVE:see next date

PURCHASE IN-IG LIVE:see next date

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Mugwort Mint Floral Smudges and crystals will be available to purchase on IG Live Sale  Sundays @ 3pm

next date: on Instagram page 

This way you can choose whichever ones speak to you specifically•free shipping over $35 domestically


Please note that due to the natural formation of crystal clusters, shapes and colors may vary. The photos show a range and are representative of what you will receive. Sizes vary between 1.5”-3” chosen at random  


Stunning Citrine Druzy

Citrine is a wonderful aid for clearing energy and rejuvenating your spirit. Meditate with this stone when you need physical energy, direction, motivation, or a boost of self esteem. Helpful in the work space to keep the creative juices flowing.

If it's wealth and abundance you're after, here is your ally. Hold your stone and trust that money is just energy continually flowing from one source to another.

Citrine boosts the immune system and increases vitality.

Chakra: Solar Plexus
Cleaned with Water? YES