Pluto Planetary Essence
Pluto Planetary Essence
Pluto Planetary Essence

Pluto Planetary Essence

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This Planetary Essence integrates downloads that were received during the Pluto Retrograde period.Often times we feel the weight of retrogrades and forget the blessings they bring into our lives, once these planets go direct it’s time to apply the lessons into our lives in a healthy Consciousness way. 

Pluto puts a spotlight on the "shadow self," or the side of ourselves we try to hide. This energy allows us to transform these areas into our personal power. Breaking through controlling + manipulative relationship dynamics. This planet’s creative deconstruction reveals your buried power and urges you let go of your ego, false beliefs and surrender to your core truths

 How To Use:  It is suggested to take 4 drops, 4x a day for 20 days consecutively. This can be done by

**Oral consumption is my preference but either way works. Both ways allow the Essence of Pluto’s vibrational healing to enter your bloodstream and this is where the magic happens. As each cell absorbs and metabolizes this gentle but powerful Essence, bringing in a subtle vibrational shift into the blueprint of your being. This is the reason why we take essences for at least 20 day stretch to allow it to become a constant to allow your body to make the shift

1)Oral consumption**

  • You can add all 16 drops to a bottle of water you’ll be drinking throughout the day
  • You can take drops directly from dropper

2) Topically:

  •  You can dab on your skin/ add to a bath, etc