Flower Essence- Optimism Blend
Flower Essence- Optimism Blend

Flower Essence- Optimism Blend

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This Flower Essence is a blend of

-Star of Bethlehem

-Pink Rose

-Wild Pink Tulip


Beauty From The Garden’s Optimism Blend emphasizes finding the joy in life by compartmentalizations and on your feet problem solving.  This blend helps us recognize a crises at hand and moves us to deal with our issues with more confidence and ease. Instead of allowing situations to take over the day, try taking on your problems like a Bad Ass and enjoy doing it.

This blend is ideal for anyone who has unresolved issues from crisis in the past, as well as people currently going through changes in life, breakup, divorce, loss of job, loss of loved one, depression, etc. 

take 4 drops 4x a day for at least 20 days


Spring Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Star of Bethlehem, Pink Rose, Wild Pink Tulip 


How does Flower Essence for heal?

The extraction of the energetic imprint (vibration) of flowers are used to address shifts in outlook, profound issues, emotion well  being, spiritual development and mind- body health.