Flower Essence - Dandelion

Flower Essence - Dandelion

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Dandelion flower essence is very grounding and energizing. It helps you feel strong, courageous and present in your body. It brings your awareness back to here and now and allows you to be in the moment


Dandelion is especially good at releasing hatred and resentment, and creating a feeling of being centered.

Dandelion flower essence is needed when we are not aware that deeper emotional and mental attitudes of life. This is helpful for the person who often has a hardened attitude towards life. They have a difficult time getting in touch with and ultimately releasing the stagnant energy stored in the body.Dandelion aids in teaching us how to listen more closely to the emotional messages our body needs. As soon as the emotions are released, the spirit flows more effortlessly through the body and the tension disappears. 


Dandelion flower essence helps us feel the importance of family, aiding in releasing family issues. It heals a feeling of abandonment or lack of love from parents. It teaches us to persevere through adversity.


How To Use:  It is suggested to take 4 drops, 4x a day for 20 days consecutively. This can be done by

**Oral consumption is my preference but either way works. Both ways allow the Flower Essence vibrational healing to enter your bloodstream and this is where the magic happens. As each cell absorbs and metabolizes this gentle but powerful Essence, bringing in a subtle vibrational shift into the blueprint of your being. This is the reason why we take essences for at least 20 day stretch to allow it to become a constant to allow your body to make the shift

1)Oral consumption**

  • You can add all 16 drops to a bottle of water you’ll be drinking throughout the day
  • You can take drops directly from dropper

2) Topically:

  •  You can dab on your skin/ add to a bath, etc