“Is that your hair?” System
“Is that your hair?” System
“Is that your hair?” System
“Is that your hair?” System

“Is that your hair?” System

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The hair is an extension to the nervous system and serves as a spiritual antenna. This formula was developed to bring forth healing and relaxing vibrations to your scalp, nervous system and crown chakra simultaneously to enhance a better sense of mental, spiritual and physical health. To get the maximized benefits, start by “setting your intention” hold bottle to your heart and imagine your desired goal before applying Serum to hair and scalp. While applying, continue to imagine the emotions and change that desired goal will bring into your life. 
Hair Growth Serum
Our Hair Growth Serum increases stimulation to inactive hair follicles while nourishing them, resulting in a healthier scalp and fuller hair. 
Promotes hair to grow at a faster rate by reducing inflammation in the scalp, while simultaneously promoting the blood flow to scalp.
Enhances your curl pattern by locking in moisture as well as softens hair texture.
Contains Amethyst Stone: 
They are potent stones for  spiritual healing and growth. Compliments the crown chakra and the  body’s neurological system and eases anxiety, depression and insomnia. 
Deep Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, Curl Enhancement, Detangler
Hair Shine Rinse


Promotes the health of your scalp by restoring its PH level. Gently exfoliates the scalp by removing excess residue, dry scalp and fights off bad bacteria that stunts scalp health. Helps in eliminating dandruff.

Rich in minerals like Zinc, Calcium, Potassium and Copper that not only promotes hair growth but also strengthens hair roots. 

Abundant in B-Vitamins like Niacin, Thiamin, B6 and Pantothenic acid. These antioxidants protect your hair from environmental pollutants and toxins.

For Best Results:
Apply as a final step after washing/conditioning hair. Let it sit in your hair for 5-10minutes before rinsing out and apply Beauty From The Garden Hair Growth Serum.
*It is also safe to leave in your hair without rinsing, especially for curly hair. 

100 ml


There are no crystals added to this product due to the acidity of apple cider vinegar.

For best results:
Apply from tip to root and massage. Massage scalp for at least two minutes using the inversion method.
120 ml